– bratislava, march 2017

i was very excited when bratislava band invited me and felipe sabatini to create and design for their major presentation in lollapalooza 2017. since the very start i knew i wanted something as real time as possible, so i created one video with an original pattern synched with each song of the show, a total of eight video songs and more three default animations for songless occasions (for the beginning, to use between songs and to the end). to guarantee everything went perfect i was in the backstage of the show doing the live performance myself. designing for such a big event (transmitted in pay tv also), in such a huge screen with music as the leading creative element was definitely a once in lifetime experience.
– credits
creative direction: felipe sabatini and ralph mayer
motion design and live performance: ralph mayer
stage photography: lucci antunes

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mini documentary about the concert
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