– nexo jornal, 2016—2017

i started working in nexo journal  before the website was even released, as the first hired design for the infographic position. in the dynamic environment of a newsroom, my experience in nexo was very plural: from designing the project of the website itself to all the visual assets each article needs (illustration, video motion and editing, information usability and sometimes a little coding — why not?).

nexo is a digital journal focused in offering an original approach to tradicional news. working there gave me great experience while designing information and ways to be didactic through visual resources.
nowadays, nexo journal has great awareness in brazil and has received many awards such as online journalism award (2017), malofiej (2018) and ñh (2016 e 2017, for the best digital publication for the society for news design).
– credit (work done at nexo jornal)
information designer: ralph mayer
graphic editor: simon ducroquet
data cientist: daniel mariani
developers: ibrahim souza and ariel tonglet

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gotham rounded and sentinel

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nexo jornal
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