– pilha, 2015—2018

in 2015 i have finally gave in to a wish i had a long time ago: having a risograph printer. i've imported the machine from japan and started a printing studio of my own. printing have always been a passion and a trigger to my designing curiosity. since then i have performing a double role, working at a design agency by day and developing my risograph studio by night. still is something amazing and since the very beginning it has provided amazing situations, such as running workshops in design schools, connecting a lot with regional artists, developing amazing friendships with risograph owners all over the world, to be part of a serie of art fairs in sao paulo (such as "feira plana" in sp) and definitely helped expanding my own work.
– credits
creative direction, design and risogprah print: ralph mayer
case photography: marlon brambilla
studio photography: guilherme prado

+ typefaces
din mono, pressura, halyard, poppins and aperçu

+ link
estúdio pilha

+ art book fairs
plana, são paulo ‘16, ‘17, ‘18
graphic days, torino ‘17
tinta fresca, são paulo ‘16
magical riso, rotterdam ‘16
tijuana, rio de janeiro ‘16
miolos, são paulo ‘15, ‘16

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