– sesc paraty, march 2018

sesc is a private institution maintained by the social service of trade from brazil. is well known organization focused in cultural development and education. from all of its units, from all over the country, the paraty unit, in rio de janeiro state, of sesc is a very important one, since its the main city of the brazilian international book fair. in this project i was select to develop the visual identity of the book club encouraged  by sesc. by working with typography, shapes and disposition, the graphic pieces were established to easily draw attention to the purpose of the group, playing with a shelf disposition and communicate the book of the week for those who were interested/participants. the group was a success and registrations spots ended in a really short time and i couldn't be more happy to see the produced posters while my travelling to the historical city in april.
– credit (work done at estúdio grade)
creative direction: bruno ribeiro and ralph mayer
graphic design: ralph mayer

+ typeface
sharp grotesk
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