– verte, 2017

it became clear to my team and i that we had to go further than just redesigning a travel agency website, after we realizing their services went much beyond than just offering trips. traveland was one of são paulo’s high regarded corporate travel agencies of the city, known for putting together amazing business trips to increase the technical knowledge and engage employees of big companies. for us, in future brand, to reach the company full potential, it had to have a new name, brand new identity and only then (of course) a new website. to highlight their humane approach and its capacity we came with a new name: verte (a portuguese word for “change”) translated into a bold visual identity, from the vivid colors to a logo that is able to expand itself. a successful work which resulted in wolda (worldwide logo design annual) award to this team, i'm very proud of it.
– credits (work done at futurebrand são paulo)
creative director: ewerton mokarzel
creative leader: arnaldo bastos
senior designer: thomás debeus
designers: ralph mayer and amanda rodrigues

+ typeface
space mono

+ awards
wolda - worldwide logo design annual
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